Wild Beginnings

I'm beginning again. Since leaving Edinburgh, I've had two homecomings: first to my hometown in Florida for the holidays to see family and friends, and then to Austin.

Yes, I'm back in Austin! After 4 months away, the place is still so familiar - mostly, it took me three attempts to get on MOPAC yesterday. I'm trying to see it with new eyes, testing a theory: can I start a new life in an old place?

One of the first things I did as soon I got into town was participate in Wild Women Wednesdays - Wild Beginnings with two amazing women: Harmony Eichsteadt and Sarah Elizabeth Harney.

Talking with Sarah and Harmony (listen to my earlier interview with Harmony) was fun and enlightening and informative and... just brilliant in so many ways. I thank them both for helping me start this new year and new part of my life with hope and inspiration.

Wild Women Wednesdays - Wild Beginnings