Julia In Edinburgh

Today is my last full day in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have mixed emotions. I am sad, but grateful and happy that I came here and stayed here. I’ve never felt like a tourist here. Although, what else could I call myself, certainly in the beginning? I never wanted to visit the place. I wanted to live here.

From this experience, I've come to realize things. I couldn’t say this before. Maybe I couldn’t even see it, but I know this now: This was a bold and badass experiment.

I came to Edinburgh knowing no one or really nothing about the city (there’s a castle). Just shy of three months, I constructed a life here. I made friends and learned neighborhoods that I’ll miss, and frequented a pub where the owner would fill a pint of my favorite lager with a nod.

This is an experiment that I need to repeat in other places. Where? You know I don’t know yet. But I leave Edinburgh with a strong desire to return, much sooner than “maybe one day."

I have no grand plans for this last day, other than having writing this at my favorite bakery, walking through Old Town and City Center one more time, and having a pint at the local pub. A proper end to having lived here.


Julia in Edinburgh

Interview with Harmony Eichsteadt of Wild Women's Adventure Club

The second episode of the Bliss Tour is finally here!!

Here's a fun interview with Harmony Eichsteadt of Wild Women's Adventure Club. We talked about work, being kind to ourselves, being nomads, and wild women. Enjoy!


Here are links to some of the things we chatted about in the interview:

The music was provided by the North Sea. Ok, so apparently Portobello's beach is a small tributary to the North Sea. But I'm just going to call it the North Sea anyway. :)

I hope you enjoyed this interview. I have a couple more coming up soon! Woot!!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!