Welcome Back

Dear Reader,

I’m back in the cube and it sucks. I came back to Austin to get my 10 years at UT so that I could get free lifetime health insurance when I retire (like that promise will be kept #nothopeful). I only needed six months and then the world was mine. Where would I move? What would I do and try?

Then five months in, the election happened and I stopped dead in my tracks, terrified, my world shrinking. After the holidays and the inauguration, it took me some time to identify that feeling, the gut wrenching, nauseating fear and despair: 9/11. This was how I felt on 9/11 when I lived in Brooklyn and the towers came down.

And then I remembered what I did after, after the temp work came back, and I could navigate the new world. After my friend Dawn told me that I shouldn’t give up my dreams and curiosity because the world might explode. If it all goes to hell, the everwise Dawn said, “you’ll be in the same boat as everyone else.”

A Blissfully beautiful day in austin

A Blissfully beautiful day in austin


So here I am, climbing on the train for The Bliss Tour. Expect new interviews (my list of invitees keeps growing), new travel (my friend Michelle just sent me fun ideas for Thailand!), new ideas to escape cubeland (can she do it again?), and random things (what I do best).

Welcome back to The Bliss Tour.