It's Been a While

What's going on? 

I took this productivity class in April, Write Better Faster with R.L. Syme. I highly recommend this class. I learned, for example, that I am not a "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" kind of person. I'm much more "Out of sight, out of mind" with a large helping of "squirrel brain." (Seriously I've looked up three different websites on three different topics since I wrote "What's going on?")

Today, I started getting up even earlier (5:05am) so that I can write and walk before work. (Remember when I wrote On Being a Pro? Yeah, I don't either.) And today I started using Streaks, which will track how many days in a row I write and walk.

And I moved! I live on a park now. From front door to walking in the park is about 90 seconds. Only a 15 minute commute from work. I am down from the mountains and better for it. 

The view on moving day.

The view on moving day.

More Iceland photos on Instagram

More Iceland photos on Instagram

Oh yeah. I went to Iceland! 

The stark, cold beauty blew me away, but I left feeling the rapid growth in tourism is unsustainable.

I would definitely go back.

I am the problem. 

On Being a Pro

For years I’ve gotten up at 5:30am to write before going to work. For years, this has worked for me. But not anymore. We moved into a new building at work almost a year ago and holy hell -the traffic and the commute.

I have flexible hours so I get in later and leave later, at 6:00pm. I don’t get home until 7ish which means by the time I eat dinner it's often 8 or 8:30. This is not working and for almost a year I’ve been fighting it, bitter and angry that I have to do it. Not taking time to workout or really take care of myself physically.

On The Petal to the Metal Episode 46: What’s the difference between being amateur and going pro? Rachael tells a story about when she realized she needed to be a 'pro' (yeah, I'm going on about another Racheal Herron podcast. Do not judge me! and there's even another one too).

Listening to her story I thought, "Yeah, stop fighting it." Get up at 4:45am and write. Get to work at 8:00am. Get home at 6:00ish in time to go for a walk or work out and have dinner at 7 instead of almost 9:00pm. I’ve been waking up at 4:30am anyway. So I might as well get up. 

Also, I’m moving as soon as this freaking lease is up.