Sabbatical-Day 1: Meh

First day of my sabbatical, and it's... ok. It was fine. It feels like I called in sick and I'll have to go in at some point in the next few days. It hasn't sunk in that... I no longer have a job! I never (well at least for a year) have to go back into an office to work! I'm jobfree!

When was the last time I didn't have a job (and wasn't desperately looking for a job) or wasn't in school? What do I do? What's my relationship to sleeping (morning person or night owl?), eating (no one's going to randomly bring doughnuts to my place), shopping (for what?), chores (do not have to wait for the weekend!), people. People is the biggest one. Whom do I talk to all day? Everyone's at work! Thank god for chat.

It's weird. I'm not sure how to feel. But it's ok. I gave myself permission to do nothing this first week. Nothing. Totally decompress from any responsibilities (including showering apparently).